Skip the oils and infused candies and take your CBD on-the-go with the powder form of the popular hemp-derived cannabinoid. Mix it with your morning smoothie, add it to your afternoon tea, or drop a little into your dessert as part of an herbal nightcap. CBD powder is easy-to-use and makes measuring portions a breeze.

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What is CBD powder?

CBD powder is a white, crystalline-like concentrate. Although the pristine appearance may confuse new consumers, these are all-natural, CBD products and not synthetic. Some powders are 99% or higher pure CBD. These products go through several processes to remove all compounds, including THC and terpenes. You can also find CBD powders with re-infused terpenes, that are still THC-free.

How do you use CBD powder?

CBD powder is extremely versatile. It’s easy to transport, you can use it on-the-go, and measuring your daily amount is simple.

  • Add some to your coffee
  • Make your own topicals
  • Mix it into your favorite salad dressing

Additionally, you can place a serving size in your mouth and let it dissolve. There’s no need to consider the powder’s taste, it’s tasteless and odorless.

Why people prefer using CBD powder over other methods?

Oils aren’t for everyone. They can be messy and consumers may not find a natural flavoring that fits their tastes. While lemon, mint, and berry flavors are great and yummy options for plenty of consumers, they don’t cover all tastes. Along with ease-of-use, CBD powders are simple to add to any other food or drink to mask the cannabinoid’s strong flavor.