Get the best of both worlds in one hot cup of coffee—Caffeine and CBD. The new take on the century-old practice provides consumers with the delicious taste of coffee and provides additional holistic benefits.

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CBD Coffee is the latest product to hit the market

Cafes and businesses have been jumping on the CBD craze and many are adding a few drops of the hemp-derived compound into their coffees, lattes, and cappuccinos and bumping up the price per cup. Skip the extra trip and the price hike and purchase CBD coffee to brew from home or at the office. If you live in a warm climate or hot coffee’s just not your thing, consider a cold brew or ice-coffee with CBD.

Speed of growth in this market

Coffee consumption is flourishing, with more people brewing from home than purchasing prepared cups at cafes and other retail locations. Consumers are starting to prefer gourmet coffee and CBD coffee meets that definition. Making your favorite brew at home saves money and provides for a hot cup of java on demand.

Benefits of drinking CBD coffee

Drinking CBD coffee offers duel benefits. Coffee can increase alertness, relax your muscles following a grueling workout, and help increase your fiber intake, which has plenty of health value. A high-quality CBD relaxes your mind and body and lowers the anxieties that caffeine tends to increase. Additionally, you can purchase a water-soluble CBD powder and add the flavorless and odorless crystals to your favorite coffee.