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Soothe muscles, moisturize skin, and pamper your body with CBD balms. Massage these into your muscles after an intense workout at the gym and let them absorb deep into your epidermis to help soften and protect your skin and melt the day’s stress away.

Balms, Butters & Salves

Hemp Lip Balm


What are CBD balms or salves?

CBD balms and salves are similar to creams or lotions but have a thicker consistency. Made with a higher ratio of beeswax to calming essential and carrier oils, you must use a little more pressure when applying a soothing balm. The all-natural body rubs only contain a few ingredients.

Along with U.S.-sourced, hemp-derived CBD oil and quality beeswax, many brands add a touch of aromatherapy with various essential oils. Some include lavender that promotes healthy sleep, and peppermint and eucalyptus, which can soothe skin after a long day in the sun or add moisture on cold, dry winter days.

How do you use a balm?

Take a dime-sized amount and rub it in small circular motions, gently massaging your sore muscles following spin class, morning run, or after a long day at work.

Use light to medium pressure and massage your body while applying the CBD balm, and don’t forget to take deep, controlled breaths and let the essential oils’ aroma immerse your lungs and exhale the stress away.

You can also apply CBD balms to dry, cracked lips to moisturize and act as a skin protectant from harsh wind and cold winter temperatures and during equally grueling, hot, dry summer weather.