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CBD transdermal patches are bandages infused with CBD. Users can discreetly apply to areas of their body such as arms, legs, back, shoulders, wrists, or feet. CBD patches provide a slower, longer-lasting release of continuous CBD. Transdermal CBD patches are a great alternative for individuals who have digestive or swallowing issues.

What is a CBD patch?

CBD patches are made with water, ethanol, a safe, acrylic adhesive, and hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). The beauty of this delivery is they bypass the digestive system and absorb directly into your bloodstream, similar to a sublingual tincture without the fuss or taste. Although they pack a punch for each application, most patches are small, measuring less than 5 x 5-inches, but still delivering 20 to 100 mg of CBD throughout its duration.

How do you use transdermal patches?

Just adhere the patch to any veinous part of your body, avoiding areas with excessive hair for the best results. You are not required to apply the patch to any specific body part, your internal “delivery system” will allow CBD from the patch to travel through your entire endocannabinoid system reaching all of your extremities.

Why people prefer using CBD patches over other methods?

People prefer transdermal delivery for their ease of use, discreet application, duration, and powerful punch. CBD transdermal patches last from 4 to 72 hours depending on the brand and strength. Life is busy, with CBD patches, you don’t need to slow down to measure oils, mix drinks, or wonder if your vape pen’s battery is charged—Just apply the CBD patch go.